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Owner & Brewer

Mr. Kurt Bach

Mr. Bach has recently moved from Portland, Oregon, with more than 30 years of homebrewing experience and close ties to the brewing industry. Experienced traveler to 20+ countries, fluent in Spanish, lived 20+ years in Mexico; which, 18 of those was owning two successful businesses. While Bach enjoys working and interacting with other countries, he’s also an insatiable fisherman. Barrio Logan seemed ideal for how close it is to Baja. A great opportunity to build bi-cultural craft beer and food.

Bach’s interest in beer started in the early ’80s when the Northwest micro-revolution was in full effect. After time passed of researching and self-teaching, Mr. Bach’s passion grew. While coming of the age where he is capable of brewing, he gathered some buddies and began a little homebrew in his garage, and into this dream of what is now Attitude Brewing Company.

meet our team

It all started with an idea. This idea was built up by yours truly, Kurt Bach, Owner. Building this team was carefully selected on truth, loyalty, passion, and experience.This team was made for each other, and have become a tight family with Attitudes all their own.

what we do

We are a seven-and-a-half-barrel system with a 22 tap tasting room and restaurant serving our very own craft Brews.

To provide you a second home! A home filled with Awesome Attitudes to represent what we stand for – a culture to shine Positive vibes out to our neighbors, customers and tourists.

We make our very own PHENOMENAL brews. An extensive menu that will leave you wanting to come back-over-and-over again.


our mission

Our mission is to keep the culture alive and well here in Barrio Logan. To bring people together with our Phenomenal Attitudes.
“When you come to my place, there will be no borders, no Frontera’s. It’s going to be a place of cultural exchange.
It will be a happy place — that’s why it’s called Attitude Brewing Co.”

“Everybody there will be bilingual and understand the diverse culture as well. We want to elevate people with our good attitude when they come and eat at our place.”

- Kurt Bach

Tap System
Bilungual Tap Handles
Happy Customers
...and growing!
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Menu Items
dine in, takeout & delivery!

our people

Our team has been built from a solid foundation of experience and Passion. Gathering together, making changes, and promising more than what’s expected of one another to create a well-brewed machine!

our objective

Our objectives are to provide the utmost quality in not only gracing the public with our Electrifying customer service, our Epically delicious crafted Attitude brews, and lastly, our Loving diversified culture.

Establishing Attitude in Barrio Logan will bring an extensive amount of excitement to the locally raised, locally near-by, families, neighbors of businesses and tourists. All who crave great craft beers.

Our menu will satisfy the masses by having great quality and consistency all around. A wide variety of healthy and crafted ideas, it’s unique.

Our Attitude is ecstatic in seeing that all who become part of our Attitude family feel the same way we do about serving you – ecstatic!

the story of nacho

Legend has it he was born in the ring, already donning his silver mask and hop cluster tattoo emblazoned across his chest. But he'll never tell. As Barrio Logan's most beloved luchador, “Nacho” isn't one for sharing his secrets.

The brainchild of Attitude Brewing's owner and brewmaster, Kurt Bach, Nacho has come to represent the principios y actitud of Barrio Logan's Attitude Brewing. On Sept. 21, 2018, (9/21/18, or the ZIP code of Coronado Island) Bach and Attitude were representing at a charity event across the bay.

With the -- yet unnamed -- silver-masked mascot repping the brewery's beer, a group of girls asked Bach who he was.

He paused, but after only half a beat replied with the new name of the Barrio's Luchador, “Nacho.” A short time later, the crowd was chanting Nacho's name and the legend was born.

Taking inspiration from the American film homage to Lucha Libre wrestling, “Nacho Libre,” Attitude's Nacho shares the honor and courage of Jack Black's character (as well as some of the pudginess). Much like Barrio Logan itself, Nacho is colorful, tough and tenacious. He's the guy you want in your corner when the chips are down.

He's the man who can take a few hard hits in the arena and get back on his feet. He never gives up, even if he's swaying like he just had a few pints of the Dramatic Hazy IPA.

When not enjoying his favorite Famoso Mexican Lager from Attitude, he's in the ring in a secret room deep in the back of Attitude Brewing, grappling for his principles and bringing the hammer down on the bad guys and bad vibes of the world.

But who is the man behind the mask, really?

Ignacio is passionate about his neighborhood, and he has the backing of his brewing company. The people, businesses and organizations in Barrio Logan come first for the luchador, and bringing together the community is why he puts on the mask every day, and why he hopes people will follow his lead in never giving up on your beliefs... that and enjoying some fine cerveza from Attitude Brewing after a hard day at work.

*Nacho declined to comment for this story

We offer a prompt and Friendly Attitude in providing counter service; which offers freedom in quick ordering and seating yourself in our 188 capacity indoor dining and bar as well as a dog-friendly patio that will seat up to 30 people.

We are a family-friendly brewery & restaurant. We aim to give you our utmost Epic Attitudes in providing a happy & safe place for all. Especially your dogs in our outdoor enclosed patio.

At the heart of everything that we do is community. We provide a space for people to come together and enjoy great food and tasty beer. We also have a private event space for private parties and events