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Check out our flagship beers that you can usually find on tap at our brewery. Most are available canned as well for pickup or delivery. Be sure to visit our 'On Tap' page to see all of the beers currently on tap and our Online Ordering page to find out what's available for purchase!

og haze: pineapple express


Hazy Double IPA. This 8.2% Hazy Double IPA is the first batch of our new OG HAZE series, exploring the magical synergy between the flavorful aromatic compounds of hops and CANNABIS. We've loaded this sticky-icky goodness with Citra, Columbus, Amarilo and Mosaic hops (all fresh from our stash) setting the dank stage for the terpenes of the classic Pineapple Express strain. The result is an explosion of citrus, tropical fruit like overripe mango and pineapple, distinct pine and a slight herbal finish.

OG HAZE: Blue Raspberry Kush

West Coast Fruited IPA | 7.5% | 48 IBU

Dank Hazy IPA, with blueberry, raspberry, and Blueberry Kush cannabis terpens additions. Flavors of raspberry jam, cotton candy, tropical fruits, blueberry pie, and sticky-icky herbs.

og haze: Granddaddy Purple

hazy ipa | 7% | 50 ibu

This 7.0% Hazy IPA is a the second addition of our OG HAZE series, exploring the magical synergy between the flavorful aromatic compounds of hops and CANNABIS. We've loaded this dank, fruity, IPA with the sticky-ickyness from the Granddaddy Purple strain and hops from Azacca, Amarillo and Comet. the results are an explosion of citrus, tropical fruit and slight piney finish. A big punch in the nose of floral, herbal and dank resins.


DDH Hazy IPA | 7% | 40 ibu

This award-winning double dry-hopped Hazy IPA with Strata, Simcoe Cryo, Mosaic, Mosaic Cryo and Idaho 7 hops will not disappoint! Collaboration with the amazing Koala San Brew company form Brazil. 2021 Great American Beer Festival Bronze Medal Winner (Hazy IPA category)!

legendary 24

double hazy ipa | 8.6% | 48 ibu

Our 1st anniversary beer is our 24th independent style brewed in our Barrio Logan brewery. Inspiring greatness, this beer has a mixed fruit flavor (melon, lime, blood orange) and prominent tones of lime zest, citrus and honey blossoms from a New Zealand hop combination of Pacific Jade, Matueka & Wakatu. A hint of bitter spiciness (to give your gums and nose a pleasant shock) finishes the taste profiles. Gold in color (like the Lakers jersey). Tip a glass in the remembrance of the heart of a champion: Kobe Bryant. We will miss him but never forget him!


mexican lager | 5% | 25 ibu

Authentic lager yeast from a brewery south of the border, coupled with six row lager malt, flaked maize and noble European hops gives a crisp, snappy flavor profile. Pair with sun, sand, and tacos al pastor.


tangerine blonde ale | 4.7% | 20 ibu

Attitude's most approachable ale is a genuine crowd pleaser. She's an easy drinking beer with the utmost in balance. Savor a true American classic that is rounded and very smooth.

Magic Sour

Berliner Weisse Sour | 4% | 6 ibu

A vibrant and fruity sour that will please beer and champagne drinkers alike. This low ABV delight balances the lactobacillus tartness with the raspberry and pomegranate flavors.


west coast ipa | 6.5% | 67 ibu

A big, balanced IPA that stands out in a crowd! Pleasant piney aromas and bright citrus notes dance with a full orchestra of stone and tropical fruits. Hop heads rejoice and pair with our spicy birria or the satay.

Electric 23

Summer Hazy IPA | 6% | 42 ibu

Summer IPA focused on maximum drinkability. Stone and tropical fruit flavors from the Azacca, Mosaic and Amarillo hops are complemented by the Mango and Passion-fruit infusions. All on a fluffy malt base of Pilsen, Oat and Wheat malts.


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